Listening to nature

Section: All
Time: from 1 minute (for Beavers) to 5 minutes (for the others)
Number: from 6 to 16 participants
Type: Outdoors

Spiritual development objectives:

  • Learn to respect silence,
  • Bring the group into a state of openness (favourable atmosphere for a SPI activity), arouse the senses,
  • Experience meditation.

Activity guidelines

The group needs to be surrounded by nature. Once the group is comfortably settled, still and relaxed, all participants will listen to the sound of nature.



Naturally, the younger ones or the most restless will make comments or noises to distract the others and try to make them laugh. If it happens, just ask them to continue concentrating. You can stop this activity when the group starts to lose its attention.

With children you can add a competitive element: children will need to remember a maximum of sounds and compare their list with the others at the end of the activity.

Nature holds a different place in everybody’s conception of the world, depending on culture, philosophical or religious beliefs. It is interesting to ask participants how much place does nature have in their life and what does it represent for them, especially when dealing with a multicultural group.




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