We know these are difficult questions, but we are here to support you!

Who we are?

These are all very difficult questions, that are related to the spiritual development of Guides and Scouts. This is a pillar of the Guide and Scout methods, and the responsibility of all leaders, but how do we do this concretely?

All over the world, leaders, adults at local or national level are often struggling with these aspects.

Spiriteco is here to help you!

Spiriteco is a network of WOSM/WAGGGS members that supports the development of the spiritual dimension for all, based on the principles and essence of Guiding and Scouting.

Our Mission is to create opportunities for every Guide and Scout to define and develop their personal spiritual path, through support and dialogue that empowers global growth in the spiritual dimension.

Our Vision: By 2023, Spiriteco will be a worldwide connected network with a relevant structure. We will be recognized for our contribution in supporting WOSM/WAGGGS members to provide spiritual development adapted to a changing society. We want to achieve this through advocacy, training, activities and sharing best practice.

Basically, we won’t provide you with answers to all the difficult questions, but we’ll help you find yours!

What is Spiritual Dimension anyway?

  • Spirituality makes us think about ourselves, our lives and our understanding of others. It allows us to build our future and give a meaning to it.
  • Spiritual development helps young people to build a value system, which can be personal or shared with others within a structured religion. It encourages Guides and Scouts to seek their own path.

According to WOSM (“Guidelines on Spiritual and Religious development”), we can identify some basic approaches to understanding spirituality;

a) Religion as spiritual

b) Spirituality as the development of the individual in a religious context

c) Spirituality as existential development

d) Spirituality as the search for meaning of things and experiences within oneself

According to WAGGS (“Discover spirituality - education material for girl guides and girl scouts”, 2000), the opportunity to explore the spiritual dimension within Guiding/Feminine Scouting may be a factor of unity, gathering people open to sharing, to discover and to learn various spiritual experiences, also ready to have the world becoming a more open and more tolerating place.

In Guiding/Feminine Scouting, spirituality allows every one:

  • To think on questions relating to the inside Me
  • To explore relationship with the Other
  • To explore relationship with the surrounding word
  • To explore relationship which what transcends us.

Spirituality can be experienced in many ways. Many Guiding and Scouting organisations worldwide have made the choice to live spirituality mostly through religious development.

Others have taken a different path and live their spirituality through activities designed to help us to think about our place in the world.

Unfortunately, too many associations do not fully experience the spiritual dimension.

Either they only partake in rituals without thinking about their meaning, or they do nothing at all.

We do not intend to force anyone to choose one way or another, but we want all associations, confessional or otherwise, to question their practices on spiritual development.

How can we help you?

Whether you are active at local or national level, Spiriteco is here to support you.

We want to contribute to the development of the spiritual dimension of Guiding and Scouting within educational methods worldwide.

We organise training sessions for adults, where they can discover what spiritual development is, but most important, how they can put it into action.

We organise tailored support for national level, to help the associations integrate the spiritual dimension into their programmes, and their own training sessions.

We organise workshops to help the leaders think about the spiritual dimension and develop it further.

We organise activities for young people, at Roverway, Jamborees, big gatherings.

We also provide a unique database of reference texts and ready-to-do activities.

A bit of History

Spiritual development has always been a part of Guiding and Scouting, but the evolution of our societies has led to many ways to put this in action (or not). As a result of changes, several of associations from Europe came together in 2010 to discuss the way Spiritual development is viewed.

We quickly agreed on our common definition of spiritual development that include both confessional and non- confessional views.

For this reason, we have started a networking group under the label “Spiriteco” which means Spirituality in Esperanto; a symbol of our goal – Spirituality for all.

In more recent years, our network has grown to include new associations, and we continue to expand.

Spiriteco is currently active at European level.

The network has met regularly over recent years to discuss our vision for spiritual development and also how to put this vision into action.

  • We have prepared workshops for youths attending international events to help them development in an active way.
  • We have led workshop at Roverway 2012 and 2018 (European event for 16-22 y.o. Guides and Scouts), at the World Jamboree 2015 and at the World Moot 2017 .
  • We have lead training session for leaders in WOSM Academy (European training course on different topics) 2015, 2016 and 2017. We were present with workshop at the European Guides and Scouts Conference 2013 and 2016 and the World Guides Conference 2017…
  • On the 19th of May 2018 Spiriteco became an association settled in Luxembourg and elected its first President and Board.



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